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Rat Vascular Access Harnesses™ Will Now Use PinPorts™

In 2024 Instech will begin transitioning its rat Vascular Access Harness™ (VAH™) product line from the original 6mm diameter port to smaller 3mm PinPorts™. You will now use the smaller and lower cost PNP3M injectors to access the ports instead of the VAH6M injectors. The PinPort VAH designs will have new part numbers as shown below.

The new design will function the same as the old design with the one exception that the tube in the tether that pierces the port is 25ga (0.25mm ID) in the PinPort design compared to 22ga (0.4mm ID) in the original design. (The catheter connector remains 22ga for 3Fr.) This change should be irrelevant for most lab animal applications (it is the same design used in our popular Vascular Access Buttons™), but if you are infusing or withdrawing at high rates (over 30ml/min or 0.5ml/sec) or working with viscous solutions you should validate the new parts before changing over.

Original Part New Part (available December 2023)

VAH95AB: Rat VAH Harness, 22ga, with injector, sterile

VAHR1H/22: Rat VAH harness, 22ga PinPort [specs]

VAH95AB-1P: Rat VAH Harness with side-mounted injection port, hole in dome

VAHR1H/22-1P: Rat VAH harness, 22ga PinPort, with side-mounted red 22ga PinPort [specs]

VAH95T: Rat VAH Tether assembly, 12in

VAHR1T/22: Tether for VAHR1H/22 rat harness, 12in [specs]

KVAH95T: Rat VAH tether kit: VAH95T, 375/22P, 24in CoEx, LS22

KVAHR1T/22: Tether kit for VAHR1H/22 rat harness, 22ga swivel, 24in CoEx, luer stub [specs]

VAH6M: Injectors for rat Vascular Access Harness, needleless

PNP3M: PinPort injectors, 50 sterile pouches of 5 (250 pcs) [specs]

Please contact us if you need a new equivalent for a part not shown here or have any other questions about the transition.