Dramatic improvements for large-scale rodent dosing studies.

The RDP is the result of a multi-year development effort in collaboration with a large contract research organization. It started with the primary objective of protecting technicians from thumb injury. For example, ergonomics experts state that a human thumb should pull no more than 20 doses per day of oil using a 5mL syringe; this is simply not possible when dosing studies involve hundreds of rats.

Meanwhile, we know from our experience with plastic feeding tubes that the technique of rodent oral gavage is a delicate one, learned over thousands of repetitions. Solving the ergonomics problem with a peristaltic or syringe pump connected to a feeding needle would change the feel of the procedure and possibly endanger the animal.

In the end, we have developed a device that:

  • Protects technicians by eliminating the chance of thumb injury
  • Reduces dose error by roughly 50%
  • Speeds up the dosing process by approximately 15%

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