Complete systems for rodent infusion and sampling.

Decades of experience, and a finger on the pulse of the industry, have led to the holistic design of systems that can simultaneously improve efficiency, animal welfare and the quality of your data.

Oral Gavage

Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference, and oral gavage is no different. Available in a variety sizes and materials, we have feeding tubes for rodents from newborn mice to the largest rats. 

  • Mouse oral gavage
  • Rat oral gavage
  • Rat capsule dosing
  • Guinea pig, rabbit, and large rodent oral gavage
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oral gavage

Drug Infusion

Continuous intravenous infusion is the most common application for our components. Take advantage of reusable or disposable equipment and a range of catheters and connection options for mice, rats and large animals.

  • Intermittent mouse IV dosing
  • Continuous mouse infusion
  • Intermittent rat IV dosing
  • Continuous rat infusion
  • Continuous rat infusion plus blood sampling
  • GLP infusion toxicology studies
  • Large animal continuous ambulatory infusion
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Drug Infusion

IV Self-Administration

Compatible with a range of operant behavior systems for addiction studies, these systems use a lever press or nose poke to trigger a syringe pump to deliver an IV dose.

  • Mouse IV self-administration
  • Rat IV self-administration (one compound)
  • Rat IV self-administration (two compounds)
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Blood Sampling

We offer a number of options for blood sampling from catheterized rats and mice, from direct manual to hands-off automated sampling, all without the stress of typical acute methods.

  • Manual sampling from catheter
  • Manual sampling from outside the cage
  • Automated blood sampling
  • Simultaneous sampling and infusion
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blood sampling

The Complete Rodent Infusion and Sampling Catalog

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