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Video: Use of the Vascular Access Buttons™ in Mice

The mouse VAB™ (Vascular Access Button™) connects a surgically implanted catheter to a syringe or tether for easy blood sampling and infusion.

The VAB™ prevents evaporation and improves patency. Its closed system allows aseptic technique and can improve patency by 5x compared to standard externalized catheters. The design offers long term patency and the option of group housing when using the protective magnetic cap.

This video demonstrates the VAB™ in use from sampling to bolus infusion to tethering for automatic sampling and infusion to group housing - a recommended animal welfare refinement.

0:06 - Group house mice with protective magnetic VAB™ cap

0:11 - Remove mouse from group housing

0:17 - Remove protective magnetic VAB™ cap

0:31 - Draw blood

0:40 - Inject bolus dose

0:50 - Attach magnetic tether to VAB™ for continuous infusion