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Video: IV Self-Administration in Rats

Intravenous self-administration is a type of study in which a rat will lever-press or nose-poke to trigger an IV dose from a syringe pump.

IV self-administration setups include a combination of swivels, tethers, and balance arms. Due to the nature of the studies, IV self-admin requires the longest patency out of all catheterized rodent studies. Because these are behavioral studies, a low-stress and healthy animal environment is imperative to data accuracy, and the equipment you choose can make a significant difference.

Vascular Access Buttons™ are ideal for addiction studies because the dual tether/IV lines can be simply and aseptically connected or disconnected when moving the animal into or out of the operant chamber. Animals with Vascular Access Buttons™ may be group housed when not on study by using the protective aluminum cap.

Watch this video to see an IV self-administration set up with a rat.

0:06 - Group house rats with protective magnetic VAB™ caps

0:11 - Remove VAB™ cap

0:19 - Attach magnetic tether to VAB™

0:37 - Begin IV self-administration