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Vascular Access Buttons™ Show Animal Welfare Improvements at Society of Toxicology Conference 2022

It was great to see people getting back together at the 2022 Society of Toxicology conference in San Diego! Connecting with colleagues while learning about people's research always energizes us. At this year's show there were three posters that featured animal welfare refinements using our Vascular Access Buttons™, adding to the extensive list of publications for this product family.

Embryo/Fetal Development Study In Rabbits via Continuous Intravenous Infusion

Rabbit VAB Poster

The rat VAB™ was evaluated as an alternative to subcutaneous ports for continuous infusion studies with pregnant rabbits. The authors report excellent patency and animal welfare improvements from a less invasive surgery and elimination of transcutaneous needles.
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Refinements to Infusion Systems for Improved Animal Welfare on Rat Fertility, Embryo/Fetal, and Pre/Postnatal Development Studies

Rat Fertility Poster

This publication evaluates a special modification nicknamed the "love tether." Male and female rats undergoing tethered continued infusion were allowed to mate. The study reports improvements in animal welfare and efficiency, and no issues with the tether during the co-housed breeding period.
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A Fit-for-Purpose Animal Model for Endocrine Studies in Female Rats

Female Rat VAB Poster

This study evaluated the rat VAB™ as a refinement to traditional blood sampling techniques in endocrine studies and reproductive toxicity studies.
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