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Video: Use of the Vascular Access Buttons™ in Rats

 The Vascular Access Button™ for rats is an easy, poke-free way to both take blood samples and infuse. 

The VAB™ provides a simpler, easier way to access a catheter during sampling or infusion. Its closed system prevents evaporation and improves patency while still preserving the option to group house — a recommended animal welfare refinement. Watch this short video demonstration:


0:08 - Attach magnetic VAB™ cap to group house

0:13 - Catheterized rats in a group housed scenario

0:39 - Use PNP3M injectors to access VAB™ ports with a syringe: flush catheter, take sample, flush catheter

0:59 - Attach magnetic VAB™ tether for continuous access

1:08 - Rat moves freely while tethered in cage

Vascular Access Buttons™ are available for purchase in one channel, two channels, three channels, or four channels.

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