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Mouse Vascular Access Button™: Refined

On October 22nd, 2019 we introduced an improved design of the magnetic one channel mouse Vascular Access Buttons™ in both silicon and felt, as well as the protective aluminum caps. No changes to surgical procedures should be required. Other than the addition of the multi-colored caps, no part numbers changed.

The Improved Button

one channel silicone mouse buttonsingle channel mouse button with felt

Part numbers: VABM1B/25, VABM1B/22 VABM1BSM/25, VABM1BSM/22


  • Smaller flange
  • Gold plated magnet for durability
  • Base area around which skin is closed reduced by 40%
  • Available in silicone or felt
  • .27g weight - 10% lighter

Protective Caps in Full Color

colored mouse button caps

Part numbers: VABM1C, VABM1C-5 (new)

  • Four new colors - five colors total - quick and easy identification
  • .32 grams - 40% lighter

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