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Online Mouse Carotid Artery Catheterization Training Now Available

Online Mouse Carotid Artery Training Now Available

Announcing the Newest Course in our Rodent Surgical Training Program

Carotid artery catheterization is a recommended method for low-stress repeated blood sampling. It can also be combined with jugular vein catheterization for glucose clamping, pharmacokinetics, or other infusion/sampling applications. Pleased with both the feedback and interest in each of mouse and rat jugular vein catheterization courses launched in 2023, we are happy to announce the addition of our third course (view syllabus). 

"We knew there was a gap in our industry when it came to rodent surgical training stemming from researchers' needs to perform successful catheterization surgeries," said Wyatt Boughter, Vice President of Marketing. "Whether it's a drive for extended patency or an increasing awareness of the importance of proper techniques and the relation to animal welfare, we knew the need was there and we couldn't be happier with the response so far."

The course content is all created and delivered by Andrée Lapierre, BS, LATG, CMAR, SRS who has over 30 years of experience in animal research and 25 years focused on rodents, surgical procedures and training. "It has been wonderful to see both new and experienced surgeons get value from the courses, and expanding the program to carotid artery catheterization in the mouse was the logical next step. Plus, there's more to come!"

The online courses are delivered live and cover a wide range of surgical topics including surgical guidelines, surgical instruments, patency optimization, the surgical procedure with video, as well as catheter and Vascular Access Button™ maintenance.

Each live course is $495 and lasts approximately three hours. Following course completion, students will receive a certificate of attendance and have password-protected access to all the training materials (including a detailed surgical SOP, video of the surgery, and the presentations) presented during the course for 60 days. Course completion also qualifies for CEUs with AALAS and ASR.

To learn more, see spring course date availability, and enroll, visit:

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