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Latest Refinements and How to Achieve Optimal Outcomes in Rodent Vascular Catheterization

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Andrée Lapierre presents this one hour webinar as she discusses the history of rodent vascular access, starting with open systems and catheter clips to tail cuffs to jackets and harnesses to ports and now Vascular Access Buttons™. Then, she covers each of the following topics in detail, followed by a Q&A session at the end:

  • Catheter tip positioning during surgery
  • Use of a closed system
  • Catheter Material and Tip Profile
  • Adherence to Aseptic Technique
  • The Positive Pressure Technique

Originally presented in Rome at the European Association of Laboratory Animal Surgery conference in 2023, this complimentary webinar is part of our Instech education program.

Need More?

This webinar touched on a number of topics, but time didn't allow us to go into great detail on every topic. If you want to learn more, our live virtual training courses are perfect for you. Beneficial for both beginners and advanced researchers, these three-hour courses cover everything you need to know to successfully perform rodent catheterization surgeries. 

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Meet the Speaker


Andrée Lapierre
Global Director, Education and Surgical Support
Instech Laboratories, Inc.