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Refined: The Two Channel Vascular Access Button™ for Mice

While the 3Rs are a constant with conscientious and responsible researchers, we too are always looking for ways to make our products better for you, and better for the animal. The most recent refinement to our product line is a new and improved two-channel Vascular Access Button™ for mice. There are two versions: one with a felt base, and the other a silicone mesh base.


VABM2JB/25R25 - New Two Channel Mouse Vascular Access Button™
Base Material: Polyester felt
Weight: 390mg (13% lighter than VABM2B/25R25)
Skin opening: 31mm2 (39% smaller)
Catheter connections: 2 x 25ga, facing tail


VABM2JBSM/25R25 - New Two Channel Mouse Vascular Access Button™ with Silicone Mesh
Base Material: Silicone disk with holes for tissue growth
Weight: 410mg (5% lighter than original VABM2JBSM/25R25)
Skin opening: 31mm2
Catheter connections: 2 x 25ga, facing sides

What's it for?

The two-channel mouse button allows needle-free, aseptic access to two separate vessels in the mouse, most commonly the jugular vein and carotid artery. Common applications include glucose clamping, continuous infusion plus blood sampling and two channel infusion.

Why the change? What's different?

Old vs. new size comparison

The new buttons are lighter and the portion that exits the skin is rounder and significantly smaller. This should lead to improved recovery from surgery and better results with smaller mice. The protective aluminum caps are smaller too, about half the weight of the prior version. The combined button and cap is 32% lighter than the prior version, 690mg vs 1015mg. Because the ports and magnet are oriented in a triangle now, rather than a line, you can connect a one-channel tether to either port.


The previous VABM2B/25R25 model was larger and had ports and magnet in a line.


What else is new?

new mouse button cap design

We are replacing the old two channel mouse caps (VABM2C and VABM2JC) with VABM2JC-5. Designed for group housing, these new caps come in packs of five (one each of red, gold, blue, green, and purple). These new caps are not compatible with the old two-channel buttons.

new handling tool

In addition, we are replacing the blue mouse handling tool with a purple one that has a cut out on the magnetic end to fit between the two ports of the new buttons. This new tool has the same part number, VABMG, and will work with both the old buttons and the new buttons.


Other Questions

What is happening to the old two channel mouse buttons?
Once the previous generation of mouse buttons are sold out, they will be discontinued and no longer available.

Will my current parts (handling tool, tethers, caps, etc.) be compatible with the new buttons, or do I need all new stuff?
Your old blue VABMG handling tool will not work with the new two-channel button style. However, the new version of the VABMG, which is purple, is compatible with both the old and new two-channel buttons as well as single channel magnetic mouse VABs™, which are not changing. The old red magnetic caps (VABM2C) will not fit the new buttons; you'll need to order the multi-colored and much lighter VAMB2JC-5. All the other current components - tethers (VABM2T/25, VABM2T/25GCY), tether kits (KVABM2T/25), bile loop (VABM2L) - will all work with the new buttons.

When will the change take place?
This change goes into effect as soon as the old parts run out which should be in August-September 2022.

Do my surgical techniques need to change with a smaller button?
These new buttons should actually make the surgery easier for you as you will need a smaller incision in order to implant the button.

Is the price changing?
The button pricing remains the same as the prior designs. The VABMG handling tool price has increased due to material cost increases unrelated to the design change.

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