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New Software for Automated Blood Samplers

new ABS software

ABS 2Instech today announced the release of version 2.18 of the control software for its ABS2™ automated blood samplers for laboratory animal research. The latest version adds default buttons for rat and mouse parameters that allow users of common rodent tethering configurations to skip calibration altogether, increases the volume limit for large animal sampling, adds a new review table with detailed volumes and timing for each step in the sample cycle (particularly useful for optimizing microsampling with mice), and improves the keep-vein-open (KVO) and auto-retry functions.


Instech's ABS2™ system automates the collection of blood samples from laboratory animals including mice, rats and large animals. By eliminating labor-intensive manual withdrawals it can substantially increase the throughput of pharmacokinetics research groups. It can also reduce the stress on animals caused by handling and venipuncture. The sampler withdraws blood from a tethered freely-moving animal according to a programmed schedule, stores the samples in an integrated refrigerated fraction collector, and replaces the withdrawn volumes with IV fluid.

Instech has an active development program for the ABS2 system and has released a new software version almost every year since the system was introduced in 2010. Enhancements in version 2.17, which was released last year, included automated control of Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps for IV dosing, the option to have the machine take pre-dose samples, a running study clock and streamlined calibration.

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