Mouse Glucose Clamp

Instech's pumps, swivels and tethers are frequently used for mouse glucose clamp experiments. Both the infusion and sampling lines are run through a 375/D/22LT low-torque two-channel swivel connected to a two-channel mouse Vascular Access Button. The infusion line is typically connected to a jugular vein catheter, the sampling line to a carotid artery catheter. With the other end of the sampling line outside the cage, an automated blood sampler may be used for reliable microsampling and volume replacement.


The Vascular Access Button permits quick, aseptic connection and disconnection of the IV lines, and with a protective cap also allows the mice to be group housed when they are not on study. The special VABM2T/25GCY tether uses a looped wire to connect to the swivel so that the lines are visible, and includes a Y connector built-in to the button connector so that tracer injections can be made close to the animal. This configuration is based on the hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp technique used and taught by the Vanderbilt MMPC, but using the Instech 2 channel mouse VAB in place of a researcher-constructed MASA device. Other tether configurations are possible.


glucose clamp diagram


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
HA1100 Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500), US cord $1995 / each
SMCLA/GC Counter-balanced lever arm, 3.5in, with holder for 4-way connector $335 / each
SCX25 4-way X connector, 25ga, sterile $35 / each
375/D/22LT Low-torque dual channel swivel, 22ga OD, 25ga equivalent ID $460 / each
VABM2T/25GCY Looped wire tether for 2 channel mouse VAB with built-in Y connector, 7in $75 / each
VABM2B/22R25 Vascular Access Button for mouse, magnetic, 2 channel 22ga red/25ga white, injector $43 / each
VABM2C Protective aluminum cap for magnetic 2 channel mouse VAB $18 / each
C20PU-MJV1301 Catheter for mouse jugular vein, PU 2Fr 10cm, collar @ 1.3cm. Fits 25ga. $19 / each
C10PU-MCA1301 Catheter for mouse carotid artery, 1 to 3Fr, 8cm, collar @ 1.1cm. Fits 22ga. $22 / each



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