IV Self Administration - Mouse

Instech infusion swivels, tethers, balance arms and catheters are compatible with a range of operant behavior systems for intravenous self administration studies. In these systems, a nose poke will trigger a syringe pump to deliver an IV dose.


Instech's Vascular Access Button for mice is ideal for these addiction studies because the combined tether/IV line can be quickly and aseptically connected or disconnected when moving the mouse into or out of the operant chamber. Instech's 2Fr mouse JVC is made to fit the 25ga connector on the button perfectly. See the PDF below for other options.


Operant chamber systems are available from the following manufacturers:

  • Med Associates, Inc. (shown at left; components below are compatible with this system)
  • TSE Systems GmbH
  • Coulbourn Instruments (Harvard Apparatus)
  • Panlab SL (Harvard Apparatus)


Mouse self administration


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
SMCLA/MED Counter-balanced lever arm, for Med Associates mouse self admin cage $315 / each
KVABM1T/MED Mouse 1ch magnetic VAB tether kit for MedAssoc: VABM1T/25, 375/25PS, 60in PU, LS25 $57 / each
VABM1B/25 Vascular Access Button for mouse, magnetic, 1 channel 25ga, injector $33 / each
C20PU-MJV1301 Catheter for mouse jugular vein, PU 2Fr 10cm, collar @ 1.3cm. Fits 25ga. $19 / each



systems information [PDF]