Rat Glucose Clamp

Instech's pumps, swivels and tethers are frequently used for rodent glucose clamp experiments. Multiple syringe pumps push glucose, insulin and a drug, tracer glucose or other fluids into a 3 or 4-way connector which combines and reaches the animal via one channel of dual channel swivel. Blood samples are taken manually or with an automated sampler on the second channel. The two channel Vascular Access Button (or Harness) simplifies the animal connection and PinPorts can be used to simplify injections or intermittent sampling.


glucose clamp diagram


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
HA1100 Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500), US cord $1995 / each
PNP3M-F22 PinPorts, 22ga white, with injectors, sterile $90 / box of 20
MCLA/GC Counter-balanced lever arm, 6in, with holder for 4-way connector $335 / each
SCX22 4-way X connector, 22ga, sterile $35 / each
375/D/22 22ga dual channel stainless steel swivel $335 / each
VABR2T/25 Tether for magnetic 2 channel rat VAB, 12in (fka VABD95T) $36 / each
VABR2B/22 Vascular Access Button for rat, magnetic, 2 channel 22ga, injector (fka VABD95BS) $43 / each
C30PU-RJV1303 Catheter for rat jugular vein, PU 3Fr 30cm, collars @ 2.5, 3.0cm. Fits 22ga. $14 / each
C19PU-RCA1301 Catheter for rat carotid artery, PU 1.9-3Fr 16.5cm, collars @ 3.5, 8cm. Fits 22ga. $16 / each



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