Low Volume Luer Port

This specialty injection port is designed to convert the female luer of certain IV catheters into a PinPort, displacing the dead volume in the luer for critical applications and providing the closed-system benefits of the PinPort. It has been designed to fully displace the volume in the luer of a Terumo SurFlash® Safety IV catheter (shown but not included). Not all luers are alike, so in others it might bottom out before sealing or it may not displace the entire volume. The SurFlash luers have a depth of about 12.5mm which is more than most.


Access the LVP3F manually with a PinPort injector, or use the LVP3F-PNP3M/25 set for continuous connection to tubing that fits 25ga (such as VAHBPU-T25, BTCOEX-25 or BSIL-T015). Minimum order quantity is 5 pcs.


Not for human use.


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
LVP3F Low-volume luer injection port, sterile $24 / each
LVP3F-PNP3M/25 Low-volume luer injection port, mating 25ga connector, sterile set $37 / each
PNP3M-50 PinPort injectors, 10 sterile pouches of 5 $70 / box of 50
PNP3M PinPort injectors, 50 sterile pouches of 5 $275 / box of 250



PDF tubing and connectors information [PDF]