OrchesTA™ Model 100 Syringe Pump

The OrchesTA™ model 100 syringe pump is a modern hospital pump with firmware that has been adapted for laboratory animal research. It can be used as a stand-alone pump or combined with an OrchesTA™ pump transceiver to create a network of pumps controlled by the OrchesTA™ Infusion Automation software.


Features that are most important for laboratory animal infusion include the ability to accept a 140ml syringe (it is the only clinical pump that can do this), superior performance when there is an occlusion in the line [1], a backup battery, and a lead screw that is not exposed to debris.

For more information download the PDF below and contact Instech for a demonstration. The OrchesTA™ version of this pump is not approved for human use.


[1] Sommers J., "The Impact of Occlusions on Dose Accuracy," presentation at Infusion Technology Organisation conference, Cologne Germany, 7 Sept 2015.


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
OR-100-0001 OrchesTA model 100 syringe pump, 120V, US cord $3275 / each
OR-100-0002 OrchesTA model 100 syringe pump, 240V, UK cord $3275 / each
OR-100-0003 OrchesTA model 100 syringe pump, 240V, Euro cord $3275 / each
OR-100-0901 Clamp to mount OrchesTA model 100 pump to round poles 2.2-2.9cm in diameter $85 / each
OR-100-0902 Clamp to mount OrchesTA model 100 pump to square poles 2.2-2.5cm wide $85 / each



PDF OrchesTA Infusion Automation System information [PDF]