Fiber Optic Oxygen Measurement Flow Cell

Use a pair of these flow cells with luer inputs and outputs to measure oxygen concentration differential. Each flow cell requires an FOL/100 fiber optic oxgen monitor, SMA sleeve coupler and fiber optic extension cable.


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
FOL/F1LLFLP In-line oxygen sensor for use with FOL/FC cable; male/female luers $395 / each
FOL/100 FOL NeoFox 1 channel oxygen monitor, software, 6ft bifurcated cable $3210 / each
FOL/FCST SMA sleeve coupler to Touhy adapter; connects FOL/FC to bifurcated cable $52 / each
FOL/FC Fiber optic extension cable; connects sensors to FOL/FCST coupler, specify length up to 10ft $72 / each