Rat Bile Collection

Instech's two- and three-channel Vascular Access Buttons and Harnesses are at the heart of elegant systems for rodent bile collection. Install the button or harness at the same time that catheters are placed in the bile duct and duodenum. No special occlusion catheters are needed. (A single C33PU-RBD1302 catheter can be used for both bile duct and duodenum.) Attach a loop connector so that bile flow, now diverted through the harness, can resume in an extracorporeal loop during recovery and transport. Begin collecting bile by attaching a tether attached to a swivel. There are a range of options depending on whether bile salts need to be replaced or not, and whether a third catheter is needed for blood sampling or infusion. (See PDF below.)


rat bile collection


The components listed below allow bile collection outside the cage with replacement bile salts delivered on a second channel with a syringe pump (A.3.).


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
C33PU-RBD1302 Catheter for rat bile duct / duodenum, 1.9-3.3Fr PU 30cm. Fits 22ga. (ReCathCo 0117EO) $159 / pkg of 6
VABR2B/22 Vascular Access Button for rat, magnetic, 2 channel 22ga, injector (fka VABD95BS) $43 / each
VABR2L Loop connector for 2 channel rat VAB, primer (fka VABD95L) $28 / each
VABR2T/25 Tether for magnetic 2 channel rat VAB, 12in (fka VABD95T) $36 / each
375/D/22 22ga dual channel stainless steel swivel $335 / each
CM375BS Single-axis counter-balanced arm for stainless steel swivels $133 / each
BTCOEX-22 Co-extruded PE/PVC tubing for 22ga, .024x.064in, spool, non-sterile $97 / 30m
HA1100 Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500), US cord $1995 / each



systems information [PDF]