Size 9 Capsule Dosing Tube for Rats

These polyurethane tubes are designed to administer a size 9 gelatin capsules, such as those made by Torpac Inc., to rats or similar size rodents. The flexible tubes can reduce the chance of trauma compared to rigid metal dosing syringes.


The end of the tube grips the 2.65mm diameter capsules in a taper, which allows the gripping force to be controlled by how forcefully the capsule is inserted into the tube. The leading edge of the tube is rounded to prevent damage to the esophagus. Expel the capsule with air, water or saline in a syringe connected to the luer end of the dosing tube. Using water or saline will be more effective than air, since air will compress, and following the capsule with liquid can help the capsule move into the stomach.


Provided in boxes of 10 sterile pouches of 2.





U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
FTPU-C9-85 Polyurethane dosing tubes for #9 capsules, 85mm long, sterile $150 / box of 20



PDF feeding tubes information [PDF]