Greiner MiniCollect Tubes (laboratory use only)

Instech now supplies the full range of MiniCollect® blood collection tubes from Greiner bio-one to the laboratory research market. These tubes are ideal for use with Instech's automated blood sampler due to the shape of the tube, which simplifies pipetting, and the wide range of additives and fill volumes.


The ABS/V080C-LIHEPG and ABS/V080C-SCAG models contain a unique inert acrylic gel at the bottom of the tube, under the additive, that moves upward during centrifugation to form a stable barrier between the cells and the plasma.


NOTE: If you are using the Instech ABS2 automated blood sampler and are switching from the discontinued 0.5ml BD Microtainers® you will have to convert your ABS from 12-position to 10-position and use the 10-position ABS2/C10-100 carousel. Contact us if you need assistance.


Instech sells these tubes for laboratory use only. They are labeled not for human use.



U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
ABS/V100C-K3EDTA Collection tube, 1ml, K3EDTA, lavender, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450474) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V050C-K3EDTA Collection tube, 0.5ml, K3EDTA, lavender, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450475) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V025C-K3EDTA Collection tube, 0.25ml, K3EDTA, lavender, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450476) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V050C-K2EDTA Collection tube, 0.5ml, K2EDTA, lavender, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450480) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V100C-LIHEP Collection tube, 1ml, Li heparin, green, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450477) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V080C-LIHEPG Collection tube, 0.8ml, Li heparin, gel, lt green, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450479) $665 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V100C-NACIT Collection tube, 1ml, sodium citrate, blue, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450413) $995 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V100C-SCA Collection tube, 1ml, serum clot activator, red, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450470) $535 / 1000 pcs
ABS/V080C-SCAG Collection tube, 0.8ml, serum clot activator, gel, gold, cap (Greiner MiniCollect 450472) $665 / 1000 pcs



blood sampler information [PDF]