Automated Blood Sampler for PET Imaging Studies

Instech has developed a special version of its automated blood sampling software for use in positron-emission tomography studies. It controls a single sampler that withdraws blood from an anesthetized animal (rats or large animals) in a PET scanner following administation of radio-labeled compounds. Automating blood collection in PET studies can increase the number of samples taken, leading to more accurate determination of peaks, while reducing manpower and handling of radioactive blood.


The software will first run the unit in a high-speed sampling mode, collecting as many as 20 samples of 20-100μL in 4-5 minutes, then autuomatically switch to a standard PK sampling mode, taking up to 20 samples over 24 hours or more. Merck has validated that the data from samples collected by the Instech ABS2 is comparable to their historical manual samples.[1]


Please contact Instech for more information on this system. For laboratory animal research use only.


[1] Gantert, L. et al, Merck & Co., Inc., "Automated Arterial Blood Sampling in Rhesus Monkey PET Imaging Studies," presentation at Infusion Technology Organisation conference, Cologne Germany, 7 September 2015.



blood sampler information [PDF]