PinPort™ Capillary Blood Collection Sample Pack

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Thanks to our new PNP3MS connector, Sarstedt's capillary tubes can now be used together with the Vascular Access Button™ and PinPort™

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Pure arterial or venous samples
  • Precise volumes
  • No needles
  • Low animal stress

The sample pack includes:

  • 300µL capillary centrifugation tube (CT-CB300-K2EDTA)
  • 20µL capillary dispensing tube (CT-POCT020-K3EDTA)
  • 50µL capillary dispensing tube (CT-POCT050-K3EDTA)
  • 100µL capillary dispensing tube (CT-POCT100-K3EDTA)
  • 200µL capillary dispensing tube (CT-POCT200-K3EDTA)
  • PNP3MS (2)

If you are already using Vascular Access Buttons™ or PinPorts™ simply fill out the form to request a free sample. If you do not have catheterized rodents in house but are interested in making the transition, whether for animal welfare, safety, sample purity or all of the above, contact us or the surgical services department of your animal vendor.

NOTE: This free sample program is for laboratory animal research organizations only. We do not send samples to home addresses or when a personal email address is used, and we may not be able to send samples if you live in a part of the world where we do not have sales representation.

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