Mouse Infusion

Mice are too small to turn rat swivel and tether systems; be sure to use infusion equipment designed just for them. The system features our 25ga swivel, which has the lowest rotational friction of any swivel on the market, as part of the mouse Vascular Access Button and tether kit. A spring-counter-balanced lever arm responds to the mouse's movements to keep the tether out of its way. We have included a high-performance Harvard Apparatus syringe pump to deliver the low flow rates used with mice. Instech's 2Fr mouse jugular vein catheter uses PU tubing that has been specially extruded for a perfect fit with the 25ga connector on the mouse VAB.


Mouse infusion


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
HA1100 Pump 11 Elite infuse-only single syringe pump (704500), US cord $1995 / each
KVABM1T/25 Mouse 1ch magnetic VAB tether kit: VABM1T/25, 375/25PS, 24in PU, LS25 $54 / each
VABM1B/25 Vascular Access Button for mouse, magnetic, 1 channel 25ga, injector $33 / each
C20PU-MJV1301 Catheter for mouse jugular vein, PU 2Fr 10cm, collar @ 1.3cm. Fits 25ga. $19 / each
SMCLA Counter-balanced lever arm for mice, 3.5in (9cm) $315 / each



systems information [PDF]