Rat Microdialysis

This system makes it possible to use microdialysis probes with freely moving rats. Instech's components work with probes and other equipment available from companies such as CMA/Microdialysis, Microbiotech, Brainlink and Bioanalytical Systems (BASi).


The heart of the system is Instech's dual channel microdialysis swivel, which has quartz-lined center and side channels to minimize dead volume and prevent neurotransmitter oxidation. Dialysate is typically infused through one channel, removed through the other, then collected with a fraction collector. Our head block tether, lever arm, and round container prevent the animal from damaging the probes. Use glass ionomer cement to permanent head attachment of probes and the tether, and FEP tubing and connectors to complete the system. The Harvard Apparatus Pico Plus Elite syringe pump delivers the smooth low flow rates required for microdialysis.


rat microdialysis diagram


U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
HA1100DU Pump 11 Pico Plus Elite inf/wd program dual syringe pump (704506), US cord $2915 / each
375/D/22QM Low-torque dual channel quartz-lined swivel $460 / each
MC015/10 Microdialysis tubing connectors, 100 per sterile pack $36 / pkg of 100
BFEP-T22Q FEP tubing for microdialysis, .006x.028in, 1m lengths, sterile $128 / pkg of 10
MGIG/AKIT2 Glass ionomer cement intro kit; 1x 13.3gm, 20 tips, plastic dispenser $245 / each
MCLA Counter-balanced lever arm for rats, 6in (15cm) $315 / each
M115S Head block tether, .115in ID x 12in L, nut, 5 slotted screws, sterile $73 / each
MTANK/WF Clear animal enclosure, 15inH, holes for MWATER and MFEEDER $128 / each
MFEEDER Feeder for MTANK and STANK $56 / each
MWATER Water bottle for MTANK $24 / each



systems information [PDF]