Dried Blood Spot Sampling for DMPK

Instech's ABS2™ automated blood sampler can collect and deposit laboratory animal blood samples directly onto dried blood spot (DBS) paper.


Spot volumes can be as small as 10µL, greatly increasing the number of samples that can be collected from small rodents. For example, the ABS2 can take a full PK profile from a single mouse. Compared to the traditional method of piecing together data using one mouse per time point, data will be more consistent and the number of animals used can be reduced by an order of magnitude.


In addition, the DBS technique can streamline processing (plasma isolation steps are removed) and it permits room temperature storage and shipment.


Instech's DBS disks feature GE-Whatman FTA® DMPK-C paper. They measure 6cm in diameter and hold either 10 or 12 spots of 10-25µL (choose 10 or 12 based on how your sampler is configured). Individual blood samples can be spotted singly, in duplicate or in triplicate. Disks are easily changed if more spots are required in a study.


Switching between DBS and traditional vial collection is as simple as changing the fraction collector carousel and selecting the appropriate mode in the software:


ABS sampling mode



U.S. Pricing

Model Name Price
ABS2/DBS-C10 Dried blood spot discs for ABS210, 10 spot, FTA� DMPK-C type $148 / pkg of 20
ABS2/DBS-C12 Dried blood spot discs for ABS212, 12 spot, FTA� DMPK-C type $148 / pkg of 20



blood sampler information [PDF]